Belvidere Vs. Guilford Kicks Off The 2023 Illinois High School Football Season In Six Weeks.

  • Posted on July 15, 2023
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  • By sumon

In six weeks, the high school football season will return to Stateline as Belvidere and Guilford begin the season.will be the only game Thursday night. The G-Vikes and Bucs played each other in Week 1 last season as the entire NIC-10 played on Saturday to open the 2022 season.
Here are some notable matchups at Stateline throughout the season.

Week 1: Belvidere vs. Guilford (Thursday), Dixon vs. Stillman Valley, Winnebago vs. Lutheran, Fulton vs. Forreston, Sycamore vs. DeKalb (Husky Stadium), Hiawatha vs. South Beloit

Week 2: Harlem vs. Hononegah, Byron vs. Lutheran, Lena-Winslow vs. Fulton, Forreston vs. Dakota

Week 3: Belvidere North vs. Boylan, Hononegah vs. Guilford, Lutheran vs. Stillman Valley, Dakota vs. Du-Pec, Milledgeville vs. Polo

Week 4: Guilford vs. Harlem, Auburn vs. East, Genoa-Kingston vs. Dixon, Dakota vs. Lena-Winslow, AFC vs. South Beloit, Polo vs. Ridgewood

Week 5: Belvidere vs. Belvidere North, Genoa-Kingston vs. Winnebago, Dixon vs. Lutheran, Fulton vs. Dakota, Rochelle vs. Sycamore, Amboy vs. Ridgewood, Hiawatha vs. Milledgeville.

Week 6: Honnegah vs. Boylan, Byron vs. Genoa-Kingston, Dixon vs. Winnebago, Lena-Winslow vs. DuPeque, Amboy vs. Milledgeville.

Week 7: Guilford vs. East, Belvidere North vs. Hononegah, Genoa-Kingston vs. Stillman Valley, Winnebago vs. Byron, DuPec vs. Fulton, Amboy vs. AFC

Week 8: Boylan vs. Guilford, Auburn vs. Jefferson (Saturday), Harlem vs. Belvidere North, Stillman Valley vs. Winnebago, Dixon vs. Byron, Forreston vs. Du-Pec, AFC vs. Hiawatha

Week 9: Guilford vs. Belvidere North, Byron vs. Stillman Valley, Lutheran vs. Genoa-Kingston, Lena-Winslow vs. Forreston, EPC vs. Dakota, Polo vs. Amboy.