Ohio High School Coach Tim Mcfarland Resigned Monday For Used Anti-Semitic Language

  • Posted on October 23, 2023
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  • By sumon

Tim McFarland, a high school football coach in Ohio, resigned Monday after his team used racist and anti-Semitic language during a game against a school in suburban Cleveland that is made up of mostly Jewish residents.

McFarland handed in his resignation notice Monday morning. Brooklyn Schools Superintendent Ted Calleris said in a statement that McFarland "expressed his deep regret" and that he and the school apologized for the "hurtful and hurtful speech" that "will not be tolerated

Samantha Hendrickson of the Associated Press reported that Brooklyn High School, where McFarland coached, used the word "Nazi" as a play call multiple times during a game at Beachwood High School. Hendrickson noted that about 90 percent of Beachwood's population is Jewish.

Beachwood Superintendent of Schools Robert Hardys released a statement that said Brooklyn stopped using the word after Beachwood said it would have its players off the field if it continued, but racial slurs were used toward Beachwood players as the game continued.

According to a statement from Brooklyn Schools Superintendent Ted Calleris, McFarland "expressed his deep regret" after resigning. Hardys said the two schools have since been in contact and Brooklyn has been "appropriately concerned and apologetic," according to Hendrickson. Neither statement made it clear whether the players involved were penalized in any way.

According to a statement from Beachwood Schools Superintendent Robert Hardys, the Brooklyn team stopped using the word in the second half of the game after Beachwood threatened to pull their players off the field. However, several Brooklyn players continued to make racial slurs at Beachwood players during the game, the statement said.